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Why Molecular Testing



Molecular tests, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), are highly accurate in detecting the presence of specific pathogens like bacteria or viruses in urine samples. This accuracy is crucial for seniors who may have weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to infections.


Rapid Diagnosis

Molecular tests provide faster results compared to traditional culture-based methods, allowing healthcare providers to initiate appropriate treatment promptly. Early diagnosis is vital in preventing the progression of UTIs, which can lead to more severe complications in older individuals.



Seniors often have multiple chronic health conditions, making them more vulnerable to UTIs. Molecular testing can identify the causative agents quickly, enabling tailored treatment strategies that consider the individual’s overall health and medications.


Antibiotic Stewardship

Molecular testing can help identify the specific pathogen causing the UTI and its antibiotic susceptibility. This information promotes responsible antibiotic use, reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance, which is a significant concern for seniors who may require antibiotics more frequently.


Reduced Discomfort

UTIs can be painful and distressing for seniors. Molecular testing expedites diagnosis, leading to faster relief from symptoms and a better quality of life for older individuals.


Lower Healthcare Costs

Timely and accurate diagnosis through molecular testing can prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or complications, ultimately reducing healthcare costs for seniors and the healthcare system

In summary, molecular testing for UTIs is vital because it offers accurate, rapid, and tailored diagnosis, improving patient care, and overall health outcomes for this vulnerable population. We at Professional Healthcare Lab understand this and are ready to partner with you to keep your residents, Happy, Healthy, and in their home.

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